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Paraquad, Inc

Campaign to Support Paraquad, Inc

Paraquad will be the leader in advancing the independent living philosophy. We envision an integrated community in which people with disabilities are valued and participate in all aspects of society.


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Become a member of Ambassadors for Independence and support job readiness at Paraquad throughout the year. Members will vote each year to choose a different project to support. Your giving will fund programs pivotal to offering a path to sustainable independence.

Paraquad serves more than 1,800 people with all types of disabilities through more than 20 programs and services. Paraquad features a broad array of employment support to the St. Louis disability community from career exploration, providing employment experience, training for job interviews, and supporting the individual in a career of his or her own choosing.

By becoming an Ambassador, your support provides the following:
  • Support for students completing a 6-week semester in Continuing Education.
  • Laptops for students in the LaunchCode class.
  • Employment placement services for one person.
  • Food for students to practice skills in the Culinary Training program.

The most difficult step towards employment for people with disabilities is often acquiring the first opportunity. Our employment services are an integral first step towards being placed in and retaining competitive employment for people with disabilities.

Our 2021 Ambassadors levels include:
  • Emissary
    • Annual: $3,600
    • Monthly: $300
  • Envoy
    • Annual: $2,400
    • Monthly: $200
  • Diplomat
    • Annual: $1,200
    • Monthly: $100
  • Delegate
    • Annual: $600
    • Monthly: $50
  • Community
    • Annual: $300
    • Monthly: $25

For more information, or to set up a different payment schedule, please contact Anna Corbitt at

Support independent and opportunity for people with disabilities all year!

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