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Paraquad is so important to me. Growing up and becoming independent is a challenge for everyone; even more so when you have a disability. Luckily, Paraquad exemplifies and continues the important legacy of the Independent Living Movement by teaching its participants, and the larger community, that disability does not have to deny you a full and meaningful life. That is why I’m personally posting today to ask that my friends and family help support this organization I love by making a donation right now. This campaign is ONLY 24 hours! Thank you!

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Close your eyes. Think about all the choices you’ve made throughout your life. Your first job. Your worst job. Your first date. Your first apartment. Your first terrible decision. Your last great decision. What choices have you made about your children? Travel? What are your plans for today, next week, when you retire? Life is full of decisions.

The choices we make everyday shape our future and play a major role in determining our quality of life.

Historically, people with disabilities were not in the driver’s seat for decisions that directly affected their future and quality of life. When Paraquad started over 50 years ago, independence was primarily focused on living in the community instead of a residential facility or nursing home.

Today, people with disabilities want more than a roof over their head and basic life necessities. They want all the same choices and opportunities to build a future and quality of life that anyone would choose!

Paraquad champions equity and independence by partnering with people with disabilities to identify the tools and resources and build the confidence they need to not only live in the community, but to create the life and future they choose, and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Together, we can move from merely existing in the community to flourishing in the lives we choose. Now is the time.


YOU can help by showing your support of the #LetsDoThis campaign.

On April 20-21, 2021 – for ONE DAY – we will reach out to hundreds of friends and family and ask for their support of equity and independence for people with disabilities throughout St. Louis. Together, we have the power to raise $100,000 to build futures anyone would choose. 

Every gift counts, so let’s do this!

    • $50 provides demonstrations of assistive technology to 3 people so they can live and work more independently.
    • $100 supports a day exploration trip for one Youth and Family participant to learn about social, educational, and vocational opportunities.
    • $150 offers Employment Placement Services for 1 person for one month.
    • $250 provides transportation and support to a participant to travel to Jefferson City and advocate for disability rights and services.
    • $500 provides legal advocacy for one person with a disability.
    • $1,000 sponsors one student for a week of summer camp.

Our success rests on community leaders like YOU, who are willing to step up and say #LetsDoThis! Won’t you join us?


For 24 hours, every gift you donate is TRIPLED! For every $1 you give, Paraquad will receive $3. Every $1 will be matched by our generous benefactors to help us reach our goal of $100,000.

$ 50 x 3 = $150

$ 100 x 3 = $300

$150 x 3 = $450

$250 x 3 = $750

$500 x 3 = $1,500

$1,000 x 3 = $3,000

The #LetsDoThis campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full amount within 24 hours, or all donations will be returned. For every dollar raised, more people with disabilities will have the opportunity to experience independence WITHOUT LIMITS. Join us and #LetsDoThis! 

Thank you for your generosity!




Paraquad champions equity and independence for people with disabilities through services, partnerships, education and advocacy.


We envision an integrated society free of barriers and discrimination where disability is viewed as a natural part of human diversity.


Paraquad provides a wealth of opportunities for people with disabilities to make choices about how they want to live. We champion choice and opportunity for more than 2,000 people with disabilities in the region annually. We work with people of all ages with a variety of disabilities, including physical, cognitive, visual, auditory, and mental/emotional.

Independence means different things for different people – what makes a successful life is a very individual decision – so Paraquad offers a robust set of tools for participants to build their vision of independence. Personal care services establish the foundation for many participants, providing the care needed to live independently in their own homes. Youth programs build confidence and open doors to the possibilities of following one’s dreams. Peer and independent living services offer support and guidance from experts who, as people with disabilities, speak from experience. Employment services seek to level the playing field and create a path to sustainability and prosperity. Advocacy ensures that disability rights are protected and that barriers to full inclusion continue to fall.

These are just a few examples of how Paraquad supports independence. To learn more, visit us at

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